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Hello world: meet the people behind Daylight Studios

For those of you who don’t know us, we are the men and women behind one of Singapore’s premier indie developers, Daylight Studios. For a long time we have been working in the shadows, but now it’s time to come out and say “hello world.”


Don Howdy folks! I’m the supreme overlord of Daylight Studios and executive producer for Holy Potatoes! When i’m not plotting to take over the galaxy or exploring the depths of unethical potato genetic modifications, I handle the business development and investment aspects of Daylight Studios.

When I was much younger, I used to be a huge JRPG fan and insane Ragnarok Online bot scripter. In fact, I think i enjoyed the botting a lot more than the game proper haha.

Now, I hit up Steam fairly regularly to clock a few hours on Dishonored and various indie games whenever I have time. Think I clocked over 90 hours on Faster Than Light, but what a great game FTL is! When I’m on the go, I’m playing One Piece Treasure Cruise and Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies on my iPad Mini. Ain’t nothin’ like some table smacking, finger pointing legal drama to ease those long journeys to work.



Yo yo! I’m Alwyn, one of Daylight Studios’ co-founders, and in charge of all administrative, legal, operations, and financial matters. At times, I will take on the role of the backend programmer. Basically I’m a jack of all trades, always learning new things, which is the beauty of working in a startup.

My favorite games are the God of War series as they combine hack & slash mechanics with unique puzzle solving and amazing cinematic cut scenes.

Currently, I’m helping up for the backend architecture for Holy Potatoes, to allow support for multiple languages to be downloaded into the game.


喜欢看漫画,玩游戏,特别是塔防的游戏,一开始塔防的游戏,就停不下手了。喜欢新科技的东西,有什么好玩的新科技可以联络我哦。喜欢大中国,好多风景都好美哦。Hohoho, I’m Yappy. I’m the tech god of Daylight Studios. Anything tech-based, I will get stuck into because I love to explore new stuff. If you have new stuff, don’t forget about me because I spend a lot of time going and finding new technology to bring into the company.

I love reading comics and playing games, especially tower defense and card games. Once I start a tower defense game, I won’t rest until I have completed it. Nowadays, I’m addicted to Hearthstone, there are so many cards there that I can’t remember all their names!



Hey Hey! This is Faizan reporting to you from the Daylight farm! This season’s potato produce is looking great! We’re going to deliver some high quality potatoes, fresh and delicious, just how you’d like em’, really soon!

Just kidding!

We are a bunch of game developers posing as farmers. I’m the producer for Holy Potatoes and I have been with the studio since the beginning. And no, we are not boring geeks staring at screens… Not yet!

I like games with strategy and movies that are scary. Oh and I love to travel; I have been to 19 countries but there is so much more I need to see. Any suggestions?

Alright then, going to head back to the field for now.



Yo! I’m Hari, the associate producer in Daylight Studios. I was born in Indonesia but have been living in Singapore since 2003. I like playing and making music, and exploring geeky-tech stuff.

Lately I have been spending enormous amount of time on Hearthstone and I’m kind of worried about my social life. I play RPG and FPS games too, and I am a loyal Football Manager player of 10 years and counting.

I also do most of the quantifiable game-balancing for our games. So if you think our game is too hard, that is my challenge for you, dear players. Game on!



Hi! I’m Edward and I’m a programmer in Daylight Studios. I was born in Indonesia and I’ve been living in Singapore for almost 15 years now.

I’m a big fan of Diablo 2 and I’ve played a lot of other MMORPG, RPG and FPS games too: Counterstrike, Maplestory, Atlantica Online, you name it! I’ve also been a competitive TCG player: I have played Yu-gi-oh!, Magic the Gathering, VS System and World of Warcraft TCG. Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Hearthstone.

If you have any great ideas, suggestions or improvements for our games, let us know and I’ll try my best to implement them!

Jing Ying


Hello, I’m Jing Ying, a programmer (and occasional Japanese translator) for Daylight Studios. I do Chinese Dance and play the Japanese Koto when not working. The rest of my free time is spent playing Japanese social mobile games, reading, and watching anime. One day, I will find the time and money to return to my JRPG roots, probably after I give up one of those social games.

The first game I fell in love with was Final Fantasy VII, and after that I spent most of the time I was supposed to be studying playing the rest of the FF series, Kingdom HeartsShadow Hearts 2, and whole load of free online mini-games. And Sudoku.

Right now, I am spending most of my time making squiggly potatoes forge weapons and do quests while listening to work BGM. Hope you enjoy the game when it comes out next year!



Hey guys, I’m the senior visual junkie here at Daylight Studios. The name’s Yeevon. Not Yvonne like you would think, but Yee-Von. Mm-hmm.

I’ve been neglecting my PS3 for awhile, but back when it was properly loved, Dishonored and Oblivion regularly graced my screens. I’ve a penchant for behind-the-scenes and extras, especially when they come in Blu Ray box sets featuring an extremely tall Nigerian in a Xenomorph suit.

Currently doodling the environments that the aforementioned squiggly potatoes wiggle in, while listening to music that nobody else seem to listen to.



Yo. I’m Julian, the Art guy here at Daylight Studios. I’m a long-time lurker on Reddit and a huge fan of JRPGs and I love telling people about the brilliant masterpiece that is Suikoden II. I have an idol. His name is Hideo Kojima. I took a photo with him at Tokyo Game Show and it is now framed somewhere around my house. But seriously, the Metal Gear series is pretty sweet. Play it!

Around the office I like plugging in earphones with nothing on so I can pretend to be listening to music when people are gossiping about the bosses.

Right now I am animating squiggly potatoes. Wiggle wiggle wiggle.


Ayto Faiz

Hey guys! My name is Ayto and I’m the Game Designer here at Daylight Studios. I dabble in many sports: precision shooting, cricket, and competitive eating (hey, the noodles engraved on the medals sure look delicious). I am the resident snack-guzzler, and I run on roughly 1.73 Mars Bars per hour (Alwyn, sorry for the snacks that kept vanishing from the pantry).

I enjoy playing games from different genres, from the Professor Layton series, to Defiance, and to indie titles like Transistor. Usually my friends will pry my hands from my keyboard to bring me to their board games sessions. Or one of their D&D campaigns. Or Gundam-building sessions (yes, there is such a thing).

Alright the lunch hour is up! It’s time to quickly grab a snack while the rest aren’t looking!



Hi hi ! I’m Aerin, new UI Designer around here! I enjoy JRPGs, MMORPGs, Anime and zombies. I recently borrowed my friend 3DS to play Bravely Default which is awesomely cute.
I also bought an artbook which is super awesome and I cried looking at it.

My favourite place on earth is the Ghibli Museum, my favourite food is MOS Burger, my favourite game is Kingdom Hearts, and my favourite drama is Walking Dead.

Currently I’m working on the UI for wiggly potatoes.



Hello! I’m Koko, the junior concept artist at the studio. I’m from Indonesia, and have been in Singapore for 3 years. I was a semi-hardcore gamer with my PSP2000, but that old friend of mine did not survive the long journey (salute!). Currently, I’m busy cooking potatoes. Damn, they take so long to cook!



Opening text provided by our former social media guy, Iain.

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