Conquest Age is a free-to-play, mobile game for the iOS mobile platform. In this fantasy RPG, players take on the role of a soldier destined to unite seven warring regions. Players can fight alongside friends to launch war conquests and explore the mysterious Dracon Peninsula.



Real-Time Action Battle

Experience a unique, fast paced battle system - react to your enemies’ attacks and unleash your fury at the perfect moment for maximum damage!


War Conquest

Battles rage without end in this land. Fight alongside your friends against enemies. Complete the War Conquests in seven different regions to obtain great treasures that will help your hero throughout his or her adventures.

Mercenary PVP Team Battle

Hire mercenaries to join your party and compete against other players - prove yourself as the ultimate Tri City champion of the PvP Arena!

Weapon Forging

Forge a huge arsenal of weapons. Fuse weapons to increase their power and wield the mightiest of weapons in the Dracon Peninsula.