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Holy Potatoes! HPWIS PS4 Update?!

Hey Spudlings,

Holy Potatoes! We’re In Space?! is finally out on consoles, and thank you so much for supporting the game. Here is the first patch for the game on PS4, and it is available for download now. At the time we pushed out this patch, we were aware of a few minor issues reported by players, and we are looking into them. Another patch will be issued soon for those issues.

Read the full log here:

The following features have been added:


– Added options to configure Cursor Speed and Cursor Lock in the settings menu
– Player resources and $tarch count are now visible when browsing shops
– Opening the Overview menu now brings you to the last viewed tab
– Clicking on completed notifications in the Overview tab now brings you to the corresponding pages

– The current weather status will now be displayed when R2 is pressed in battle
– Added R2 shortcuts to view tooltips in some menus
– Added shortcut icons to the Galaxy Map view


– Improved menu animations and feel across the board
– Most Menus should now be much more responsive to user input

– Improved sensitivity of panning the camera with the Analog Stick in the Galaxy Map view
– Trying to escape now more clearly indicates the Password field
– Other miscellaneous improvements



– Fixed 100% Galaxy Completion trophies not unlocking correctly. These trophies will be retroactively awarded when Warping.
– Fixed trophies being incorrectly unlocked on Couch Potato Mode. We advocate 100% organic trophy hunting processes.
– Fixed travelling to certain planets causing the UI to behave strangely on user input
– Fixed discarding an assigned Blueprint causing strange errors
– Fixed clicking on the Pilot portrait causing the D-pad to stop working
– Fixed able to move the camera with the cursor when Warping

User Interface

– Fixed trauma status not showing in the Therapy Room
– Fixed cursor showin’ when Credits are rollin’
– Fixed not being able to modify slider values with the Analog Stick in the settings menu
– Fixed Main Menu D-pad selection effects being too bright
– Fixed minor spelling and grammatical errors
– Other miscellaneous UI fixes

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