Service Retirement Announcement

Thank you very much for your continued support for Hisho Collection Mall Empire.

However, we regret to inform everyone that Hisho Collection Mall Empire will be retired as of 28th September 2013 14:00WIB.
The service was brief, however, we truly appreciate all of our fans and wish to thank you for your dedication to Hisho Collection Mall Empire.

The Purchase System will be terminated after completion of the maintenance on 28th August 2013 14:00WIB.
The other functions and services in the game will be available until the game is fully retired.
During the remaining 30 days, we hope that you will continue to enjoy Hisho Collection Mall Empire.

Once again, thank you very much for playing and for your support.

Schedule of Events

・Aug 28, Wed 2013 14:00WIB Termination of Purchase System/ Closing of the Item Shop
・Sep 28, Sat 2013 14:00WIB Retirement of Service


・After the retirement on 28th September 2013 14:00WIB, players will be unable to play the game or view past data from the game.
・Please understand in advance that no refunds will be made for in-game items.
・Changes to the schedule may be made without prior notice.

Contact Us

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Card Collection and Combination

Secretaries are your main assets in the game. Hire as many secretaries as you can. Combine different secretary cards to make them even stronger.

Mall Business

Develop your Mall by building different shops, managing your secretaries and collecting the profits of your businesses.


Pit your secretaries against competing players. Earn money and fame by performing missions. Steal secret documents to obtain rare Secretary Cards.

Play with Your Friends

Cooperate with buddies to take down tough bosses. Exchange gifts with your teammates to grow stronger!

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