Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?! is now out on Mobile!!
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Welcome, secret-agent spudlings, to the newest, most highly classified Holy Potatoes! adventure... Holy Potatoes! A Spy Story?! Uncover the truth behind an evil spy corporation using your intelligence, charm, stealth and strength to take on the toughest of enemies!

Game Concept

Play as potato twins Ren and Rexa, who set out on a journey to discover the truth behind their parents’ disappearance with the use of their spy skills. Outwit and outsmart security personnel, bust through the sturdiest of doors, and hack some of the most complicated security systems!

Main Features

Manage a top-secret spy agency!

Oversee the operations of your agency and train the best potato spies the world has to offer!

Manage Agency

Genetically modify your secret agent spuds!

Put on your crazy scientist hat and conjure up Genetically Modified Spies through Genetic Splicing!

Genetic Splicing

Meticulously plan secret missions and heists!

Send out your spies on the world's most classified missions, plan their routes, equip them with gadgets, and let them know whose spud-butt they are going to kick!

Plan your Missions

Craft crazy gadgets, vehicles, facilities and training stations!

Craft spy gadgets such as clout glasses, spy boogers, and invisibility cloaks to ensure your secret-agents succeed on the field!


Encounter legendary pop-culture special-agent spuds!

Meet world renowned special agents spuds such as Harry Fart, Ezio de Frenzy, Agent Peri-Peri, Detective Canon, and Killy Billy!

Special Agents

Concept Art