Welcome, deliciously sinful taters, to the new Holy Potatoes! adventure... Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?! Keep the gods satisfied by serving up delicious potato based recipes by processing sinners and turning them to scrumptuous ingredients!

Game Concept

Play as an operations manager in an Afterlife populated by potatoes. The Gods of your pantheon expect you to do a stellar job at managing the Afterlife and sorting potato sinners to their rightful cooking stations.

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Main Features

Banish hundreds of Sinners!

Sort no-good sinners into the proper cooking stations to obtain your desired ingredients!

Sort Sinners

Research dozens of spud-based recipes!

Put on your Chef's hat and research new deliciously sinful recipes at the lab!


Cook for the gods to appease their hunger!

Cook up mouth-watering, delectable, and appetizing dishes fit for the gods! Some deities are pickier than others, so make sure the quality of your dishes make the cut!


Serve your Pantheon!

Feed the hungry deities! Keep your eyes peeled on their patience and serve them their orders before time runs out!

Serve the Gods!

Concept Art

Available Now - PC, Mac and Linux

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