Enjoyed by over a million Feature Phone users, Reign of Heroes was the first game developed by Daylight Studios. Building on the success and critical acclaim of our first game, we now bring you Reign of Heroes Turbo.

Build your City

The new Turbo Hall allows you to construct Houses and Farms to earn Gold and Supplies, and Training Grounds to improve your Summoned Heroes.

Summon Heroes

Summon the lost heroes to protect your town and lead your battles. Rise in rank to summon more powerful heroes, build better teams, and gain new rewards.

Create Your Teams

Assemble a team of heroes to claim honor, and unlock new teams with the ability to take gold, supplies, and cooldown time from your opponents.

Cross-Platform Battles

Gain honour and glory by fighting with players across all platforms and countries in which ROH Turbo has been released. ROH Turbo is now available in the following platforms and languages:


Be the ultimate champion across all countries!

Play now.

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