Daylight Studios is a Singapore-based game development studio founded in May, 2011. We heavily emphasise creative innovation in our games in areas of game design mechanics, art and technical implementation.

Every game produced by Daylight Studios is made with passion and quality that we will be proud of.

How we began

The first game Daylight Studios published was Reign of Heroes. Launched on the social game platform Mig33 on 7th December 2011, ROH became Mig33’s Number One game in thirteen days. In six months, ROH’s player base grew steadily to over one million players across 170 countries.

Reign of Heroes was created to provide high-quality entertainment to Feature Phone users in developing Southeast Asian countries. This mutual pursuit for high-quality gameplay drew the members of our eighteen-strong team together from various countries around the world.

Our Games and Global Partners

Since then, Daylight Studios has begun producing more exciting titles such as Hisho Collection Mall Empire, Reign of Heroes Turbo,Spirit Horizon and Swords of Fate. See our games.

Daylight Studios explores new markets and platforms, while providing excellent Smartphone and Feature Phone experiences. We work with our international partners to better understand each target market, so as to better “culturalise” our games for players.

With our global partners, Daylight Studios has established game distribution networks in the Greater China, Middle Eastern, and South East Asian Regions.

For co-development and partnership opportunities, please contact us at [email protected].

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